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Little Roasties

These potatoes are great because depending on what you are having you can alter them to accompany anything, you can change the shape to wedges or slices, they don’t take much time or thought once you have the method…

Basic method

Dice up potatoes into cubes (I leave the skin on mine), put them into a plastic bag, add ground black pepper, coarse ground salt and a splodge of oil, then do that spinning thing with the bag so that the potatoes get an even covering of oil and seasoning, put them into a hot roasting pan not still in the bag obviously then into a hot oven (about 190° C) for 20 minutes, give them a shake now and then to keep them even coloured and there you have it, quick roasties..
Add some different herbs or spices and the list is endless.

Indian Roasties

I used equal quantities (you only need a generous pinch) of nigella seed, white and black mustard seeds, fennel, lovage, cumin, coriander and  caraway seeds, a couple of cardamom pods, some garlic salt and a clove because I have a bit of a spice buying compulsion, 5 minutes before the end of cooking I added a sprinkling of garam masala, you can add whatever you like, and if all you have is curry powder, use that instead.

I added finely chopped red onion and coriander prior to serving.

Herby Roasties

With the addition of some mixed herbs before cooking and some diced tomatoes and red onions as a garnish before serving, these are really simple to make and will go with anything.

black pepper and lemon roasties

Lemon pepper seasoning, alternatively just use peppercorns, whole and ground and some lemon juice.

Crispy roasties

coat the potatoes in seasoned flour for a easy faux saute potato..

Sliced roasties

Alternatively just slice the potatoes

Try cutting the potatoes into wedges instead:
add some diced bacon/panchetta/proscuitto or even salami if that’s what you have, near the end of cooking to crisp it up, then transfer into a dish, sprinkle with cheese and pop them back in the oven for a few minutes and you have cheese and bacon wedges..

or you can add chorizo and have spicy wedges.

chorizo wedges


and if I don’t feel like deep frying chips, I use this method to make them..