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Chicken Skewers

This is another one of those basic methods that you can turn into a different dish just by changing a couple of ingredients.

You don’t have to marinade the chicken over night for this to work, it’s fast food remember and besides who wants to be bothered doing that anyway, but if it makes you feel better, knock yourself out, it’s your recipe.

Simply choose a coating, mix diced chicken breast into it, thread onto skewers,  put onto a lightly oiled, preheated oven tray* and pop in the oven for 10 minutes, then turn over and cook a bit more and there you have it..

Lebanese chicken skewers

I used oil and honey for these ones, I added ginger, allspice, cumin and caraway seeds to mine, with a sprinkle of chilli flakes. (runny honey is better but as I only had set honey, I just blasted it in the microwave for a bit)

Make a paste from the ingredients
smother the chicken in the mixture

and Bob’s your uncle, Yummy chicken in half an hour.

Tikka skewers

A mixture of tikka paste, yogurt and chopped coriander gives a nice Indian twist, just serve with a biryani style rice and chapati or naan.

Mix the yoghurt and tikka paste
coat the chicken and skewer it

Put into a hot oven, turn a couple of times and serve with a wedge of lime.

A basic coating of Yoghurt & harissa paste makes a nice North African style chicken dish which I serve with cous cous. I also added a little sumac and medlar jelly to this, but apricot jam and paprika would do just as well.

You can also use Thai red curry paste or cumin/garam masala and sweet chilli sauce with the yoghurt.

Lemon and herbs, piri piri seasoning, jerk seasoning mixed with a little oil all make good spicy coatings, just use your imagination.

* ( For practically everything I do in the oven I use a Hard Anodised Aluminium MERMAID roasting pan, I can’t recommend it highly enough for this kind of fast cooking, definitely an investment, and you can use it on the hob too if you like.)