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I’d never heard of these until Monday when I came across them in Tesco.

Wheatberries in their raw state

Sultanas, Dried Apricot, Pine nuts, Chopped parsley, Butter and fennel seeds.


So natural I bought some and made up a recipe for them.

I covered the required amount of Wheatberries (I used 130ml – it just so happened I was using a jug to measure) with 4 times the amount of water, brought them to the boil then simmered them for half an hour, drained them and into the pan they were cooked in added a knob of butter, pinenuts, sultanas, chopped apricots and parsley (I didn’t have any coriander) a sprinkle of schwartz moroccan seasoning and some fennel seeds, quickly coated everything  with the butter , then added the still hot wheatberries and stirred it altogether.

This is Lebanese chicken skewers with wheatberries and salad.
It was surprisingly nice.

Chicken skewers, Wheatberries and a sunny salad

The mixed salad consisted of diced red, green and yellow peppers, red onion, cucumber, tomatoes, half a left over avocado nigella seeds (Kalonji) and a pinch of sumac and lime juice.

Serve with pitta bread, and yoghurt if you like..