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You really can’t get any faster than pasta when it comes to a quick filling meal.

I bought some ready made ricotta and tortellini because I wanted fast food, but I suppose if you have the time and inclination you could make some, while the pasta is cooking, I  mixed olive oil, lemon juice & seasoning together ( I used some parmesan dipper from the oil and vinegar shop ~ I love it and always have some in the cupboard)

pasta prep

I used prosciutto, but anything like that would do, I drained the pasta, mixed with a handful of  rocket so it wilted, spinach is good too, added the cooked prosciutto , some walnuts, parmesan shavings, a little wet mozzarella I discovered in the fridge and then tossed the lot in the olive oil mixture..

pasta 2

I had mine with some ready made garlic bread.

pasta 4

Nicer and quicker than going to mcdonalds that’s for sure..

pasta 3