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For me, the perfect comfort food is Christmas dinner, I love it, admittedly it isn’t something you can whip up in 5 minutes, but as Mr 5 kinds doesn’t share my sentiments I only have to cook it for one (he prefers baked ham and new potatoes which I can easily make at the same time) ,so it doesn’t really take that long, and it is well worth the effort..

There has to be roast parsnips, sausage meat stuffing and sprouts otherwise it might as well just be a roast dinner, sometimes I use Chicken instead of turkey if I can’t get any, but it’s all in the bread sauce..

.. but not any old bread sauce, it has to be Colemans packet mix bread sauce, I’ve tried making my own and it just doesn’t give me that  ‘nanny Christmas dinner’ nostalgia, and not just a blob of bread sauce, oh no, It needs to be smothered..

I enjoy it with a nice bottle of cyder..

It’s definitely my favourite,  I forgot the cabbage this time round, but it still passed muster.