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I decided to make some chicken nuggets, the don’t take long and once you have the method, you can do whole breasts or legs using the same method.

Take a breast per person and very lightly oil it all over, cut it into cubes (handling it will evenly distribute the oil more).
Put it into a bag and add some coating..

I have a jar of this made up, so I always have some in the cupboard, I use it with potatoes, root vegetables and chicken usually.

1/2 fill a jar with flour, then top it up with equal quantities of milk powder and ground semolina, I also add ground polenta, add a good helping of seasoning, I use tumeric, paprika, salt, pepper and a little chilli, mix it all together by rolling the jar around, make sure the lid is screwed on tight though..

Use a good spoonful of the mix and then add a spoonful or two of dried breadcrumbs,  twist the bag to catch the air and shake it about so the coating sticks to the chicken.

Simply place the pieces of chicken onto a preheated oiled tray.

and put in a hot over for 15 minutes or so, turn them over half way through..

and you have chicken nuggets..

Often I add a specific seasoning like jerk or piri piri to the mix, along with a few more breadcrumbs and use it with chicken thighs, legs or wings..


I like to serve mine with savoury rice.