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This is one of my husbands favourite dinners, having said that, most of the dinners I make are his favourite, I really like it myself too, I love the saltiness from the Prosciutto and as a cheeseaholic it give me an excuse to use far too much.

I had some Prosciutto left over from a pizza I’d made earlier in the week, and some panchetta from something else, so I thought I’d use it up..
I layed out the Prosciutto and put a slice of emmental on it, mozerrella is nice too, put the chicken on top and added a few baby spinach leaves that I’d pick out of a bag of mixed salad leaves.

wrapped it all up, added a bit more cheese and secured it with some left over panchetta strips.
Put it on top of some mushrooms that had seen better days, along with some more spinach and a healthy glug of vermouth, then added some fresh thyme and a knob of unsalted butter.

Stuck it in the oven and cooked it for.. um… (really must start making a note of times) until it looked cooked..

Took it out, covered it in more emmental and then popped it back in the oven until the cheese had melted.

sliced it up and served it..

I usually do this with my own recipe rosti potatoes, If I have green beans or brocolli with it, I put a dollop of whole grain mustard on them, if not I just have a dollop on the side..