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It’s about that time of year when I start thinking about soup, so I thought I’d make a start on getting into the habit of making it a few times a month, it was also a perfect opportunity for me to start to stage my ingredients, as this blog is progressing I’m getting more ideas as to where it is going and how I want it to look, even if it is only me that looks at it.

I had some chicken stock in the freezer from a few weeks ago and decided to use it up..

I chopped up all my veggies.

sweated them off in a pan with about 4oz of unsalted butter, added my chicken stock, pulses and a bouquet garni  (I buy mine ready made for ease) and simmered it for an hour or so, in the meantime I panfried some sliced chicken breast in olive oil and thyme, placed it in the bottom of the soup bowl

and then after checking the seasoning of the broth, spooned it over the chicken..

I served it with crispy panchetta bits and some sourdough bread..

I’m afraid I didn’t make the bread but bought par baked..

It was delicious..

and there was enough for lunch as well.