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I was really looking forward to trying my hand at this dish once I had the idea, so this is my first attempt at slow cooked chilli..

It was well worth the time and effort and even if I say so myself, it was bloody lovely..

I chose to make it medium hot, I didn’t want to mask the flavour with too much chilli.

I marinated a couple of pieces of beef shin  in red wine, cumin seeds, chilli flakes and a star anise over night.

I put the shins and marinade into a casserole along with a little chopped onion, chilli, garlic salt and cayenne pepper then covered it in water, put the lid on and stuck it in the oven  on 120°C for 3 hours..

I took the meat out of the pan and put it to one side and poured the stock into a jug for the sauce.

The sauce.

I used kidney beans in a chilli sauce but any kind of beans will do..

I fried off some peppers, onion, garlic, cumin seeds and a little chilli in some oil.

Added the tomatoes and kidney beans and a little stock and let it cook for a bit, I thickened my sauce slightly (with a fecule of cornflour and water ) so I could add more stock to thin it.

Then I put the shin back into the sauce and put it in the oven for another half an hour.

I served it with plain boiled long grain rice, grated cheese and a simple rough chopped guacamole and of course some corn chips.

It was delicious and the meat just fell apart.