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If I were middle class I’d call this post  ‘A simple supper’, but I’m not, so it’s basically a ‘couldn’t be arsed, now hurry up so we can watch the first part of The girl with the dragon tattoo trilogy dinner ‘.

There are loads of recipes for the perfect risotto out there, mine isn’t the perfect risotto, I didn’t spent 45 painstaking minutes stirring a ladleful of stock at a time into my rice,  I just had a couple of cups of water and a rather large glug of vermouth  and stirred  it until the rice had absorbed it, but it was still moist, which is why I haven’t bothered with a proper method ..

I’m sure food purists everywhere would faint at the idea, but cooking doesn’t need to be by the book if you don’t have time or can’t be bothered and there’s nothing wrong with short cuts.

So I’ll just say that once I’d added the chunks of undyed haddock to the rice at the end and gently cooked it a bit more, then put in a few king prawns I had left in the freezer, added some Parmesan it was bloody lovely and it didn’t take too long, thus making it simple.


Next time, when I’m making  ‘can’t be arsed Risotto’, I’ll make Parmesan wafers and call it  ‘half arsed risotto’.

By the way, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Swedish version with English translation) was really good and very sympathetic to the book and I am looking forward to watching the second one.