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This is not really a classic beef stroganoff, I don’t use sour cream or lemon juice, but the addition of wholegrain mustard makes a nice variation and still gives it that slight aciditiy, I really like it, so that’s good enough for me and it’s quick too.

Beef stroganoff

I like to serve mine will wild rice, but long grain rice is just as good.

  • I finely diced my onion, sweated it off in unsalted butter, and then added sliced button and chestnut mushrooms.

  • Next into the pan went the strips of quick fry steak.

  • then I added some brandy and a dollop of whole grain mustard.

  • I added a pot of double cream to mine, although single cream or creme fraiche would do just as well and then let it reduce and thicken..

and there you have, ‘not quite’ beef stroganoff.