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I always added gruyere cheese to my dauphinoise, but having read The greedy frogs recipe I decide to do it her way instead.

Dauphinois potatoes.

~ I sliced up my potatoes quite thinly.

then layered them, along with some butter, garlic, thyme, salt and ground black pepper into a small loaf tin which I had buttered and rubbed with garlic.

I used a loaf tin because I wanted a deep dish result rather than a shallow one and that’s all I had that wasn’t massive, I didn’t want to end up eating dauphinoise potatoes for a week.

Then I poured over some double cream that I’d added some milk to and put them in the oven for about an hour, on 120°C.
I had the Beef  bourguignon  in there still and didn’t want to turn it up for fear of over cooking the meat in last hour, but generally 45 minutes on 200°C would be ok.

I turned the oven up to  brown them off  and they came out just how I wanted them to..

Even if I say so myself, they were bloody lovely, so thank you Greedy frog for the inspired recipe..