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I totally blagged this one..

For the last 6 months or so Mr 5 kinds has been asking me to make an apple pie, I’m not a great fan of baking, I start off with good intentions, then I get fed up halfway through and as I’m not a great pudding fan either I don’t tend to bother much, so the closest I got was buying a tin of apples.

But whilst rummaging in the freezer the other day I also came across half a packet of ready rolled shortcrust pastry, I have no idea why I’d bought it in the first place but judging by the use by date (Jan 12 – eeek) it was quite some time ago, but it had been frozen, so I wasn’t too worried and I thought I’d use it anyway.

Blagged apple flan.

I laid it out on some parking parchment on a pizza tray because for some reason it was round (Still wondering why I bought it, and what I used the other sheet for? hmmmm..) it was a bit dry around the edges, but nothing a good egg wash couldn’t hide..

I heaped the tinned apples in the middle, added a sprinkling of calvados, brown sugar, mixed spice, cloves and some cinnamon stick, dotted it with butter and folded over the dried up bit, egg washed it, added some more sugar

and then  stuck it in the oven on 200°C till the pastry was brown.

Now considering I totally blagged it, It was surprisingly nice, I served it with cream and considered this years apple pie over and done with… 🙂

although now he want’s a rhubarb crumble.

We shall see, perhaps I ought to try to bake a little more.