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and we had it for lunch with crusty bread

While I was getting the ingredients together for the roast beef dinner the other evening, I went through the fridge to see what I needed to put on my shopping list, I noticed a whole punnet of mushrooms in there I hadn’t touched and knowing that by the middle of next week they’d be past their best I thought I’d  better use them up and decided to make a simple mushroom soup for lunch the next day..

Simple Mushroom soup.

You don’t need much for this, mushrooms, butter and some onions, I had a bouquet garni in the cupboard , I also found a third of a pot of cream at the back of the fridge that was on it’s way out, so I used that up too.

I finely chopped my onion up, sweated it off in quite a bit of butter

and then added the roughly sliced mushroom, some thyme from the herbs on the window sill and some finely chopped carrot peeling from the carrots I was prepping for dinner.

I gently cooked it all off, with a lid on the pan to keep all the moisture in.

Then I mixed in a spoonful of cornflour, although any flour will do, to make a roux,  cooked it out for a bit

and because I had a pan of par boiled potatoes on for roast potatoes, I used the potato water instead of stock.

Mixed in slowly and let it start to thicken, then just added some more water, a splash of vermouth, the cream and seasoned it.

I left it till the following day, reheated it, fished out the bouquet garni and we had it with crusty bread.