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Saturday evening is the new Sunday lunch

I never cook a Sunday roast, far too much hassle and food for so early in the day if you ask me, so we tend to have it on a Friday or Saturday evening.

I had a piece of topside, now usually when we have roast beef there is always some left over and it’s usually only good for a half decent sandwich.

So as I was also making mushroom soup to have for lunch the next day, this time round I thought I’d be pro active and use the leftovers before I’d started, so I took 4 thin slices off the raw meat and put them in the fridge to make beef olives with the following evening..

The roast beef was lovely, I’ve not bothered with the method, that would be far too long winded, But  I did it with roast potatoes, roast parsnips, vegetables and a massive yorkshire pudding and some vegetables.