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except mine had migrated into the garden

I had  some slices of beef from the joint I’d used for Roast Beef the night before and a few mushrooms left over from the soup prep, so I thought I’d make quick beef olives.

Classically these should be braised for an hour or so, but as I was running hideously late, I decided to speed them up somewhat.

Quick Beef olives

I flattened out the slices of meat with a rolling pin, I really must buy myself a meat mallet one of these days.

put a spoonful of mushroom stuffing onto each slice.

mushroom stuffing

I sweated off some finely chopped onions in butter, added garlic, thyme, and finely chopped mushrooms, the remembered I had some bacon in the fridge that needed using up, so I chopped that up and added it to the mix, then I added some fresh brown breadcrumbs and cooked it out for a bit..

then rolled them up, I was going to tie them up with string, but it turned out mine had migrated out to the garden shed during the summer and as it was misty and raining I wasn’t going to venture out to find it, so I took my chances that as I wasn’t going to be braising them for ages they wouldn’t fall apart, I browned them in a pan and thankfully they didn’t.

I took them out of the pan, covered them in foil and put them in the oven.

Into the pan they came out of I added some butter, cooked off some onions, then added thyme, garlic, tomato concasse, garlic and a few sliced mushrooms, cooked it for a few minutes, then added a large glug of red wine, and reduced it down a bit.

I had some beef gravy I’d saved from the evening before, so I added that to make a sauce and then put the beef olives back in the pan along with the resulting juices and

simmered it for a few minutes and served them with some herby roasties, despite not being braised for an hour they were very tasty indeed.