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I’m not sure if this is technically a quesadilla but…..

The first time I made these up and put the image up on facebook, I entitled them chilli tortillas, an American friend of mine told me they were in fact quesadillas, I’m not sure if they are or aren’t, but I do know they are lovely and the portion size was probably far too big, but nevertheless, we ate them all up.

Chilli Tortillas

First of all I made mince beef chilli.

  • I fried of my onions, peppers and chilli.
  • Added the mince and spices and cooked that off.
  • Added a small tin of tomatoes and one of kidney beans in chilli sauce
  • Cooked it without a lid on until it was a thick mixture.

Then I fried 4 floured tortillas on both sides in ghee, until they were golden, put them on a baking tray.
Topped two with the chilli mix, a few jalapeños and some diced ‘wet’ mozzarella and port salut.

and then put a another on top and pressed it down a little.

Covered it in grated cheddar and ‘dry’ mozzarella and put it in the oven to melt the cheese.

In the meantime I mashed some avocado and made a little salsa salad of peppers, onion, chilli, lime and chopped parsley.

When the cheese was golden I took it out and cut it into 4, we had a whole one each..