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I had a nagging feeling I’d forgotten something..

Because this is a “what I had for dinner” blog and not a recipe blog I think it’s only right I should post up Tuesday evenings dinner, despite the fact it wasn’t up to my usual exacting standards.
It was ok, I could have done better, I had a nagging feeling I’d forgotten something, but for the life of me couldn’t remember what it was until it was too late to do anything about.

So therefore I shall call this .

Disappointed lamb:
(which sounds like one of those dishes from that ever so brilliant mini TV series, Posh Nosh with Richard E. Grant and Arabella weir).

I briefly marinated my lamb in some port, Worcester sauce and rosemary, had I been more organised I would have done it for longer, but I wasn’t, so a few minutes is all it had..

I sauted the gnocchi in ghee (I have a massive 500g tin that needs using up, so that’s the cooking fat of choice at the moment) and then when it was starting to get brown, popped it in the oven in my roasting tin with a few piccolo tomatoes, I didn’t want it to be in there too long or else it would have become too hard and this is where it was destined to go tits up…

The intention was to quickly pan fry the lamb so it was ready just as the gnocchi were…

As I turned the lamb over..

I realised what was missing, I’d forgotten the red onion, I had meant to lightly caramelize some before frying the lamb and have a lovely flavoured jus, but I forgot, which is very unlike me..

I was really cross with myself and it was too late to bodge it, else the gnocchi would have been like bullets, so I plowed on..
and half heartedly dished it up, knowing it wouldn’t be quite as nice as I’d anticipated..

Mr 5 Kinds verdict: That was all right, but it wasn’t anything special and why have I got so many sugar snap peas?

As consolation we had a Tesco creme brulee for pudding, so it wasn’t too much of a disappointment after all..

ooop, I forgot to take a before photo..