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I remembered the onions this time round..

Livers again, but this time chicken..
One of my favourite things, either like this, mashed up or a as pâté, I don’t really mind..

Chicken Livers

I rinsed and gently dried the livers, cut out the excess sinew, checked there were no bile sacs left and then roughly cut them up.

I sliced up some red onion, I remembered this time and lightly caramelized it in butter for about 10 minutes.

Then I added some garlic and the livers and lightly cooked them…

Before adding the mushrooms.

Cooked that for a bit, then added chopped thyme and parsley, ground black pepper and a decent glass of red wine.

Cooked the lot off so that the wine started to reduce and added a spoonful of red onion and cranberry chutney I had left in a jar that needed using up.

While that was doing I cooked some streaky bacon until it was crisp and put some mixed salad leaves and tomatoes into a bowl..

When the livers were still pink in the middle and most of the liquid had reduced..

I spooned them over the salad, topped with crispy bacon and served with warm sourdough bread and a wedge of lime..

They were delicious..