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If I put a plate of ratatouille in front of Mr 5, I know he’d turn his nose up at the aubergine and I can’t say I blame him, they look beautiful and the colour is amazing but despite cooking them numerous times in many different ways while I was working, I still dislike the spongy texture they have,  and therefore chose not to eat them, so this is my version of a Provençal Chicken dish with mushrooms instead.

My local supermarket has had a revamp and now offers a wider variety of vegetables to choose from so I decided to buy some heritage tomatoes (Heirloom/multi coloured) and some oyster and woodland blewit mushrooms and make something lovely with them..

Provençal Chicken

Firstly I coated my chicken in some dried herbes de Provence and olive oil, then pan fried it just to seal it and get it going.

Then I covered it loosely in tin foil and put it in the oven..

Firstly I gently cooked my onions (Why I cook my onions first)

Then I added the peppers, courgette and garlic and cooked it just to start softening it up.

Then I added the tomatoes and mushrooms, I didn’t want them to go too mushy which is why I put them in afterwards.

Then I sploshed in some vermouth and let it cook out for a while..

I sliced the chicken up, put it on top of the veggies and added some fresh basil.

I served it with some faux saute potatoes.

and it was very nice indeed..