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Sometimes I use leftover potato peelings.

On Tuesday evening while I was making unfried chicken I decided to make some leek and potato soup, I was going shopping with my mum the next day and thought it would be easier to come home and have soup instead of faffing about making sandwiches, so this is dead easy

Leek and potato soup

I washed my leeks first, because I didn’t want gritty soup, chopped them up, along with an onion and sweated them off in a large pan..

Diced up my potatoes, I left the skin on, better for you that way, sometimes I save the peelings from roast potatoes and make it using just those..

Gave that a bit of a cook and then added some veg stock, chopped parsley and thyme, plenty of white pepper and a bouquet garni.
Brought it to the boil.

Then I gently simmered it for a couple of hours, I left it in the pot overnight and reheated it the next day..

We had some french stick with it..


There was enough left over to have today for lunch, I added some diced cooked turkey I had in the fridge from dinner the other day and sprinkled it with crispy bacon bits I had..