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and not a bucket in sight!!

I very rarely eat take~aways anymore, maybe fish and chips on the odd occasion, they don’t really agree with me, they have far too much fat in them, unnecessary sugars and god only knows what else and the saltiness leaves me with a raging thirst for hours afterwards so I’d rather go without to be honest.

But I do like chicken and I do like it crispy, so I decided to make my own.

Unfried chicken

The beauty of this is that I can change the seasoning to suit my taste, I used jerk seasoning for this particular dish, although piri~piri seasoning, cajun seasoning or whatever I can think of is just as good, it’s easy to make and there are no pans of boiling hot fat to contend with either..

I cut my chicken legs in two and scored the skin.

Then I put them into a bag with some seasoned flour and jerk spices


and gave them a bloody good shake, until they were coated in the seasoning.

and put them into a hot, lightly oiled roasting pan and stuck them in the oven for 15 minutes.

Turned them over to brown on the other side, another 15 minutes or so and served them with rice and black eyed beans..

Unfried chicken, without the indigestion, and not a bucket in sight..

This chicken has piri piri seasoning on it..

piri piri chix