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an alternative alternative

A little while ago I came across this post A Delicious, Simpler Alternative to Boeuf Bourguignon, as I had just made a rich, beef stew I was more interested in the Frichti recipe and thought I would try my hand at it.
I did adapt mine slightly, I usually  do when I am replicating someone else’s recipe.

I couldn’t justify buying an expensive piece of pork for one meal when I could get twice as much for less and have two dinners, so I bought loin steaks instead of tenderloin (filet mignon) I also needed to use up some peppers, so with the addition of some paprika on a whim, the end result was not dissimilar to a Goulash..
So this is my alternative alternative..

Paprika pork frichti

I sweated of my onions and then added the pork and cooked it for a bit.

Then I added some paprika and cooked that..

Then  some diced potatoes and  a bit more cooking,  then flung in the peppers and a few bits of tomato and as a second thought, a few mushrooms and a splash of cider, cooked it for a while..

and then put in a small tin of chopped tomatoes.

I simmered it with the lid on just to soften up the potatoes, then took the lid off so it would reduce..

It was a little bitter from the tomatoes so I added a spoonful of marmalade just to round the flavour off a bit and added some ground black pepper..

When it was done..

I added a little cream to the end result and had it with bread..

it was really nice..