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Mr 5 kinds hasn’t been a very well bunny of late, fortunately not the crohns this time round, but a chronic pain issues with regards to the compression fractures/collapsed vertebrae in his spine, so he has been pretty much doped up to the eyeballs on morphine and hasn’t had much of an appetite, but he still needs to eat and so do I, so last nights dinner was, “Bloody hell what can we have that doesn’t take too much effort seeing as one of us will probably only eat a few mouthfuls but the other one is quite hungry..”

So Frittata it was.

I really like this, it’s so simple, you can make it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, put whatever you like in it and have it hot, cold or reheated..

I’m not sure where my ingredient picture went, I swear I took several, the joys of modern technology huh!
Not to worry, it was just eggs and a few other bits I had in the fridge..

So I cooked off my onion first, the added the potato and cooked that.

Then I flung in some peppers, mushroom and some bacon..

I cooked that off and then added 5 seasoned beaten eggs..

Stirred it about as it began to cook and when I could see the bottom was beginning to set, I added some tomatoes (on my side)

and put it under the grill until it was golden on top..

I cut it in half and had it with a little salad and some left over feta cheese..

I was a little disappointed that hubby ate all of his actually, I could have quite happily eaten that twice over, but I’m glad it whetted his appetite and hopefully he’ll be feeling a bit better soon….