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I don’t like rice pudding skin if I’m honest.

Mr 5 has been on at me to make a rice pudding for ages and he said that as he is technically an invalid at the moment I should make him one and could I ensure it had a skin on it, please..

As I had my sympathetic carey head on, I said yes..

So this is my nans rice pudding recipe, I remember she always put a dollop of golden syrup in hers, so as I had some I added it to mine too..

Nanny’s Rice Pudding

I mixed 4oz of pudding rice with a couple of ounces of sugar, a dollop of golden syrup, some nutmeg, a pint of milk and half a carton of cream I had left in the fridge, mixed it all together and poured it into a buttered dish and then put a couple of knobs of butter in for good measure..

Then I put it in the oven for an hour or so, I had to take the skin off and discard it once because I was so busy nosing at the firework display they were holding in the park down the road I forgot to check on it and it burnt a little bit, but it was ok, it formed another one..

it was bloody lovely actually, there is some left over in the fridge which I might have cold tonight..

I don’t actually like the skin, so mr 5 had it all..