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I rarely have a totally vegetarian meal.

Mr 5 kinds told me he wanted a chicken curry from the Chinese for dinner, personally I’d rather gnaw my own foot off than eat one, they are horrible, salty, sweet and smell yucky but he likes them and I don’t begrudge him a take away now and then.

It also gave me the opportunity to have pasta, he doesn’t like the texture of pasta, so as I don’t have it often, I look forward to it and usually make something different every time..

So this is my made it up as I went along;

Spinach and ricotta cannelloni

I wilted some baby leaf spinach that I fished out of a bag of mixed salad in some butter (could’ve done with a bit more, but that’s all I had)

I mixed it up with some ricotta cheese, parmesan and seasoned it with  black pepper and nutmeg.


then  piped it into some cannelloni tubes.

Then I made up a simple tomato sauce with some garlic and herb pasata, roughly chopped leftover tomatoes, red wine and basil.

put that in the bottom of a dish, put the pasta on top, then covered it with a sort of cheese sauce that consisted of ricotta cheese, parmesan, emmental, a little cream, seasoning and nutmeg.


Then poured it over the top of the tubes.

I put it in the oven and forgot about it (see Rice pudding/ firework excuse)

It was alright, tad overdone, but still very nice, I had with homemade oven chips because there is something about cheese and tomato pasta sauce and chips which is just gorgeous..

Obviously next time I make it, it won’t be firework night and I won’t forget I was meant to be cooking dinner..