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I perched it on some quarters of red onion.

I bought a small piece of boned shoulder of lamb while shopping last week with the sole intention of slow roasting it, I hadn’t actually thought much further than the taste of crispy, fatty, greasy lamb.

Then in the middle of the week  I got a  taste for tagine and cous cous, but I didn’t want  a wet stew, so I decided to try my hand at slow roasting the lamb with the flavours of the tagine.

Slow roast Moroccan lamb

In the morning I made up a paste of Harissa, sumac, garlic, lemon,  moroccan seasoning, a splidge of oil and some spicy season~all.

slashed the top of the lamb and rubbed the paste in.

Then I left it for a few hours for the rub to sink in a bit, I didn’t put it in the fridge though, I prefer to have meat at room temperature prior to cooking it, there is less chance of it drying out..

Because I didn’t want to sit the lamb directly onto the bottom of the pan, I perched it on some quarters of red onion.

I put the oven on full blast and when it was hot turned it down to 120°c and stuck the lamb in for an hour an a half.

In the meantime I chopped up some left over pepper, onions and tomatoes and mixed them into the left over rub with a little water for a couple of hours.

When the lamb looked yummy I switched it to a new pan and put it back in the oven.

Then I put the veggies and a couple of dates into the original pan and put them in the oven on low to cook for 15 minutes..

Then turned the oven up to about 200°c for a further 10 minutes, I took the lamb out of the oven and left it to rest and added half a tin of chick peas to the veggies.

Cooked them until they were golden and then transferred them to a clean dish and kept them warm.

I made a little spicy gravy from the juices in the pan, a little red wine and some garam masala

Not a very good pic I’m afraid.

Then I sliced up the lamb.

Put the veggies in a dish, spooned over the ‘gravy’

put the lamb on top.

and served it with simple cous cous and flat bread.

It was really tasty, next time i’ll probably make it a little hotter, but not much, I don’t want to over power the spices with heat..