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 We ate our sandwiches on the shingle

I went to visit my mum the other day, it’s nice to get away from the caring for a few hours.

We took our lunch and went for a walk at Selsey bill, where we had ate our sandwiches on the shingle in a bitingly cold wind.
It was brilliant, but being at the seaside always is.

It was a shame ‘woofboy’ couldn’t come, he’d had a small op the other week and was only allowed 15 minutes lead walks for two weeks, so he’s been a right pain in the neck and full of pent up energy, He could have done with a good scamper, but I don’t make the rules, so he stayed at home with mr 5.

As much as I enjoy the day out, the drive home is a pig of a journey and by the time I get in I just want dinner, as I don’t tend to buy take aways or ready meals to pop in the microwave (arghhh!!!) My idea of quick food is usually something with eggs.

I had the foresight to bake a piece of ham the day before.

I just put it in the oven, sat in a little water for about an hour and a half, I try to remember to do this every week so I have cold ham in the fridge for sandwiches or whatever and it’s far cheaper than buying cooked sliced ham off the deli counter..

We had cold ham, fried eggs and hash browns, I have a bag of them in the freezer just for times like this..

It certainly hit the spot..