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and a dollop of Marmite because I love it.. 🙂

While I was preparing the lamb shanks yesterday I thought I’d make use of my time and make some onion soup for lunch today..

I had a variety onions to use up and half a pot of beef stock concentrate too.

French onion soup.

I sliced up my onions.

and then put then in a pan with some butter and oil over a low heat.

and spent a good 40 minutes caramelizing them.

Then I added the stock and some water

and a dollop of Marmite because I love it.. 🙂

I simmered it for about 10 minutes, seasoned it, I left it as it was until lunch time.

I served it with some cheesy bread and a cheese twist thing I found in Tesco and an Emmental topped croûte.

The soup bowls I served it in were my Mums, they were from a set she got as a wedding present many years ago, they always bring back nostalgic thoughts of my childhood which is why I asked for them when she was going to throw them out..