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and spooned it over mashed potato and buttered cabbage

After reading homemadewithmess lamb shank blog post I decided it was high time I bought some shanks and did something with them myself, I managed to find some in a butchers down at my mums, they were a bit big, so I only got one, I started to prepare it at the same time as I made some French Onion soup for lunch the next day..

I marinated the lamb in red wine,  some peppercorns, mustard seeds, a few flakes of chilli and a star anise for about 2 hours.

Lamb Shanks.

Unsurprisingly the lamb was too big to start off in my Le Creuset, so I had to compromise and use my roasting pan.
I browned off some roughly chopped veggies and the lamb in duck fat in a hot oven.

Then transferred the lamb, which just fitted, into my casserole, added the left over marinade, half a pot of beef stock concentrate (The other half went in the onion soup) some Worcestershire sauce, and topped it up with water.

Then I very, very carefully put it in the oven with a lid on, trying not to slop it everywhere, turned the oven down to 100°c and let it cook for 3 hours.

I took the shank out, wrapped it loosely in tin foil and put it to one side while I strained the stock, I cooked the veggies a bit more, added a dollop of tomato puree, cooked that out, then added flour to make a roux and cooked that for a minute or two..

I used the stock to make it into a sauce and when it was the right consistency I strained it again.

I then put the shank back into the gravy and put it  in the oven while I finished making the leek and spring onion mashed potatoes.

It was looking really lovely by now..

I took it off the bone.

and spooned it over mashed potato and buttered cabbage.

It did take a while and there was some effort involved, but it was worth it.