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Its horrible hence the cottage pie in the back ground that I made for my self.

This weeks “What my friend cooked for dinner last night” come from Papyrina, an English woman who married a Greek chap and has been living in Greece for 20 years, Papyrina lives in a small fishing village called Nea Michaniona, close to Greece’s second largest City, Thessaloniki, on the North mainland.
This is the view from her balcony, isn’t that gorgeous..

She doesn’t particularly like this soup, but her husband does, which is why she made it for him and I did ask for a simple, authentic Greek recipe, which this is and she says it’s dead easy too. .

Meatball soup

This soup is called φρικτό σούπα κεφτές, which for those of us who can’t even tell which way up that is written, is pronounced frikto soupa keftais, which she reliably tells me roughly translates into ‘horrible meatball soup’, although it’s proper name is giouvarlakia (pronounced yiou-var-LAkia) 
I’m sure many people will disagree, but as this is Papyrina’s dinner, she can call it whatever she likes, and that’s what it is..

φρικτό σούπα κεφτές

Finely chop the onion and mix with a handful short grain rice, (You can use long grain rice, it gives a firmer texture but as her husband prefers a soft meatball, short grain it is) a good glug of olive oil, chopped parsley, salt and pepper and some chopped mint (optional)
Mix all together.

(She has apologised for the blurry image, but there was a kitten attacking her at the time, the kitten was not harmed in the making of this dish..)


Make bite size balls and coat with all purpose flour.
While doing this, boil a pan of water, just enough that it will cover the balls.

Once water is boiling, plop the balls in the pot and simmer for 20 -30 mins, the flour will thicken the liquid nicely.
Once boiled add the juice of one lemon, more if your taste buds prefer.

(Other pan is mince, carrots, mushrooms, simmering away for a cottage pie.)

Serve with crusty bread and feta cheese as a side dish , there is no picture of the cheese as she forgot to buy some..

..but 99% of Greek food has feta as a side dish, for example, a summer snack food would be water melon with feta.

“Its horrible hence the cottage pie in the back ground that I made for my self. 🙂 ”

I’m sure it isn’t THAT horrible, other wise the Greeks wouldn’t eat it, so that is this weeks guest post..