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 I’ve called it a jus because it’s not quite a sauce.

When I first started my blog here I thought I was just going to take a picture of what I had for dinner and post it up with a few words of method, like I was doing on Facebook, but after only a few posts in I decided that I wanted it to be more than that and it’s shaping up to be quite a fun project, I have thoroughly enjoyed reviving my passion for cooking, sometimes I miss working, it’s not until you have to stay at home all day that you appreciate going out and cooking dinner for 100 people…

I’m really chuffed that I have 43 followers!!  I think it’s great that other people are interested enough in my dinners to keeps tabs on me, even if it’s just to look at the pictures: Thank you followers…

So I’m slowly replacing my original posts with more in depth ones, This used to be called  just jus, had a brief description and a mediocre image to go with it, now I’ve revamped it and it’s called:

Just jus too.

This is Chicken with a red wine jus,  I’ve called it a jus because it’s not quite a sauce .

I cooked off the oyster and shiitake mushrooms first so they would keep their shape, then put them to one side.

Then I sweated off my onions, added the mushrooms and some garlic.

when they were cooked, took them out of the pan and put them to one side too.
Then I browned the seasoned chicken breasts in the same pan.

Took that out, put in the oven, wrapped loosely in tinfoil, and the put the onions and mushrooms back in the pan with quite a bit of red wine, reduced the wine, added some tomato concasse

and mixed it together, added a splash more wine and spooned it over the sliced chicken breast and arranged the other mushrooms on top.

Bloody lovely, served it with rösti potatoes