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along with a few halves of slightly over ripe cherry tomatoes

Even if I say so myself, and despite the fact they took far longer to prepare than I anticipated, which meant we didn’t eat until quite a bit later than our usual 7pm time and I’m getting too old to eat late, these were worth the hassle, they were really lovely, in fact they were perfect, I also ate far more that was wholly necessary for such a little person..

I decided to fill my meatballs with mozzarella because I had some to use up..

Thyme and lemon, mozzarella stuffed meatballs.

I made up my meatballs in the usual way, mixing the mince, garlic, thyme, onion, salt and pepper, lemon juice and Parmesan dipper altogether.

Then made them into 10 meatballs.

Then I squished them flat, added a chunk of mozzarella..

and molded them back into meatball shape.

Then I made up some tomato concasse, which took longer than I thought because I should have blanched my tomatoes while I was making the meatballs and not afterwards, which is why dinner was so late..

So I sweated off some onions, added garlic, thyme, seasoning and then the tomatoes

Added a splash of red wine and gently cooked it for a moment or two.

Then I put the meatballs into a dish along with a few halves of slightly over ripe cherry tomatoes that needed using up and spooned the sauce around..

and stuck them in the oven..

While they were doing, I cooked off some spaghetti for me and rice for mr 5 and made garlic butter

to spread on some baguette.

By now both meatballs

and garlic bread were done..

and we finally sat down to eat..