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although neither were particularly big in size, I think that’s because…

I’d like to think I’m a bit of an authority on roast potatoes, I worked as a carvery chef for 5 years, so there isn’t much I don’t know about roast dinners, I must have cooked millions over the years..

So this is how I make my roast potatoes.

Roast potatoes

I used Maris piper this time round because the King Edwards were a bit more expensive, we had so much rain.

I peeled the potatoes and cut them into even size pieces (well in half actually, because they were small)

Then gave them a rinse to wash off any excess starch.

Then I put them into a pan of salted water which I brought to the boil and kept going for 5 minutes.
I drained them off, and let them stand for a moment.

Gave them a good shake and  lightly coated them in my seasoned flour mix

I’d preheated my roasting tin and melted a dollop of goose fat and a splash of oil in it.

Then place the potatoes in the fat and stuck it in the oven on about 200° for 5 minutes, then turned them.

I turn the potatoes every 10 or 15 minutes so they get a nice even crisping.

Then when they are crisp and golden.

They are done..


Left over roast potatoes are wonderful for making something the next day..

Chop them up, pop them in a hot oven with some bacon.

dice cold roast

and then sprinkle some cheese over them.

leftover roast pots

or add onions, cherry tomatoes and parmesan.
They also make a great Bubble and squeak.