I used lazy Lemongrass.

My sister kindly agreed to participate in What my friend had for dinner.
So this post is what she had, she said it was dead quick and easy to whip up and handy if there isn’t much in the fridge.

I don’t tend to cook with noodles much because I forget I have them in the cupboard, and I’m never quite sure what to add to them spice wise at the beginning, I shall make a concerted effort to have a go at this one day, although I’d probably have peppers in mine instead of courgette, cos I’m  not a great fan of it..

Frankfurter noodles

Noodles cooked with sweetcorn, peas, leek, courgette, spinach and Frankfurters with Garlic, ginger, chilli, lemon grass & dark soy sauce .

· Prepared the noodles by soaking in warm water until soft.

· Diced up some courgettes and leeks, roughly shredded some baby spinach and thinly sliced  the  frankfurters. (Sometimes I use prawns or chicken.)

. Made ready peas and sweetcorn.

· Heated  the oil in a wok, added garlic, ginger, lemongrass & chilli  (I used lazy Lemongrass)

· Added frankfurters and cooked  till brown & then add the vegetables  and stir fried.

· Added a small drop of dark soy sauce & a small sprinkle of Chinese five spice

· Then added the drained noodles, mixed together and leave for a few minutes to cook.

· Then serve adding a little more soy sauce if desired