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shepherd’s pie is with lamb, cottage pie is beef

I had some lamb mince in the freezer, I’d used one half of it to make lamb kofta and wanted to use the rest up before it was past it’s best, I also had some lamb stock in there, from when I made the Lamb shanks,  I always find thinking of ways to use minced lamb quite challenging, there is moussaka I suppose, but I’d rather lick the pavement than eat soft aubergine, so the obvious choice was a shepherd’s pie.

I’m sure many people will disagree with me on this one, but as far as I’m concerned, shepherd’s pie is made with lamb and has a mashed potato topping, the lamb, because it is a shepherd’s pie, obviously and the mash representing the fleece.
A cottage pie on the other had is made with beef and has sliced potatoes on top to represent the tiles on a roof; A milkmans pie is made with veal.

so this is my:

Classic Shepherd’s pie

With cabbage and sweetcorn.

Before I do anything I get my potatoes on to boil for the mash.

I cook off my mince first, drain it, because otherwise there is too much fat, then cook my onions and carrots and then I put the mince back into the pan and cook it all together.

I season mine with salt and pepper, some paprika and Schwartz season-all, add a spoonful of Worcester sauce and a dollop of tomato puree, stir it all together and add the stock and a splash of red wine.

Then I cook it until the stock reduces and starts to thicken, I added a little gravy browning to deepen the colour and some Bisto lamb gravy granules because I wanted it to thicken more.

I mixed in some peas and then put it into a dish (must remember to get a smaller dish, this was too big)

I riced the potatoes

Then, rather badly, piped them onto the mince.
Dotted it with some butter and put it in the oven

for about 45 minutes..

It was really nice, could’ve done with a bit more gravy, but there’s always next time.

I had it with cabbage and sweetcorn.

and some yorkshires to wipe up the last bit of potato.