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muttering under my breath about Tesco being bloody useless the entire time

Up until the moment I got the chicken out of the packet, I was making chicken cordon bleu; But No, Tesco, in it’s infinite wisdom has decided they can’t sell two equal sized pieces of chicken in a pack, they have to give you one breast that is considerably smaller than the other, which meant I had to have a drastic rethink, next time I’ll buy a whole chicken and make it.

So this is called:
hash chicken,
because it was a right hash up..

I cut up a red onion, put it in a roasting tin with some fennel seeds, thyme, a splash of oil and some black pepper, then put them in to roast.

I put the potatoes on to boil, in their skins and fried off the chicken breast in a little chicken seasoning, then added some mushrooms; muttering under my breath about Tesco being bloody useless the entire time.

Then popped them in the oven.

I added some leeks and garlic to the onions.

I drained the potatoes and fried them in the chicken pan and then added some diced chorizo which I had actually bought for something else.

Then I put some sliced emmental on the chicken and stuck that back in the oven.

I chucked the onions in with the potatoes and added a couple of diced cherry tomatoes and made a sort of hash..

Once the cheese had melted on the chicken.

I plonked it all on a plate with a handful of rocket and watercress, it didn’t look particularly great, hence the halfhearted photos, but it smelt delicious..

Suffice to say, it wasn’t that bad, the potatoes were lovely, as was the chicken.

and the kitchen smelled lovely..