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Anyway with burnt arm and hand I’m afraid quality of photography went right down hill.


Initially dinner was going to be Lamb cutlets with chilli , golden potatoes and Roasted red onions with basil, courtesy of Nigella, but I changed my mind as I began and then again as I carried on..

Mr 5 looked at the rack of lamb I was about to cut up into cutlets and said ‘can you keep it whole, so it’s crispy on the outside and pink on the inside?’ Well of course I could, so I cut it in half and carried on with the original idea.

rack prep

I made an oil marinade of chilli, garlic and lime juice

and sort of swished the lamb about in it for a bit.

Then I put the onions on to roast, with some fennel seeds, oil and black pepper.

cook onion

I halved some small potatoes and put them on to boil.
and then proceeded to pan fry the lamb

fry lamb

When it was brown I popped it in the oven.


I added the boiled potatoes to the onions, along with the rest of the chilli oil.


and stuck them in the oven to brown.

I took the lamb out, put it on the top of the stove and decided I’d add some tomatoes and feta cheese to the cooked potatoes and onions, so I cut them up and then, completely forgetting the pan with the lamb in it had just come out of the oven, grabbed the handle and burnt the palm of my hand and all four fingers..
Bloody ow!!!
Spent 5 minutes with my hand under a cold tap.

I got the potatoes and onions out of the oven (with care because my hand was on fire) and promptly burnt my forearm on the pan handle..
Geez.. talk about bloody useless.

Anyway with burnt arm and hand I’m afraid quality of photography went right down hill.

I mixed the onions with some feta cheese, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and basil leaves

onions etc

It doesn’t look very appetising there, but once I’d piled it onto the potatoes

add feta

and put the lamb on top.

lamb on plate

It was absolutely gorgeous, the acidity of the vinegar and feta cheese went so well with the fatty lamb.
I really liked it, Mr 5 not quite so much, the feta had melted a bit and he’s funny with melted cheese.

My hand hurt most of the evening as did my for arm but nothing too serious, it was like being back at work..
Next time I must keep reminding myself it’s been in the oven..