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it’s also very nice, still warm.

This isn’t really pâté, the first time I ever made it, it was meant to be, but it was a little too wet, nevertheless it was still really tasty and it became one of those things I make now and then, sometimes we have it hot, sometimes cold.
This time round we had it cold with warm bread and a cranberry and red onion chutney.

So for want of a better description this is:

Mashed liver terrine

pate prep

I cooked off the onions in butter, I didn’t bother chopping everything up small because I had borrowed my mums food processor and would give it a whizz up in that, if I hadn’t, I’d have chpped it all much finer and mashed it after it was cooked.

Then I added bacon, mushrooms, garlic, thyme, black pepper, salt, lemon juice and brandy.

add everything

Then flung in the livers and cooked everything off slowly.

fry livers

When the liquid had reduced
until brown

I put the lot in the food processor and whizzed it up and then put it into a cling film lined loaf tin, it doesn’t look very appetising, but it is..

put in dish

After it had been in the fridge for about 3 hours, it was ready.

it’s also very nice, still warm.

mashed livers

I’m quite tempted to make my own chutney, perhaps onion and plum, because it really does go well with it.