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and drank the rest of the Toffoc.

I don’t like baking, I really do find it a chore, it’s messy and there is always flour everywhere, consequently I don’t put my heart into it and get fed up half way through.
Which is why when I do make a pudding (usually requested by Mr 5) it tends to be a really simple, put everything in a dish and stuff it in the oven type of dessert..

But I was procrastinating over the tuna and wanted a distraction for a moment or two, my husband did ask for a crumble back in February; so with Birds instant custard: seriously, I wasn’t going to make my own, this is.

Half-Hearted crumble.

I made up my crumble topping using 6oz Flour, 3oz of butter and 3oz of brown sugar, no matter how hard I try, I’m still an imperial measure kinda girl..

I put a tin of apples and a tin of rhubarb (with a little of the syrup) into a dish, dotted it with butter, sprinkled it with sugar and spooned over a few tablespoons of toffee vodka  (Toffoc is seriously amazing, it’s like a hug in your mouth, I like it in a shot glass, half and half with Baileys, it’s just like velvet ~ anyway, enough of the booze)

The I spooned on the crumble mix

sprinkled on a bit more brown sugar and drank the rest of the Toffoc.

I put it in the oven for um, as long as it took, about 40 minutes.

I made the custard in the usual way, by opening the packet, putting it into a jug and pouring on boiling water and whisking it, then letting it stand for a minute.

Then I poured custard over crumble and scoffed..

I always forget how much I like rhubarb until I have it, which is not very often.

It was lovely, I could just taste a hint of the toffee vodka, and there was plenty left over for the next evening.