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I served it in giant Yorkshires with some broccoli and green beans.

I love Steak and Kidney suet pudding, but it is a bit of a faff to make, so the next best thing is putting it in a giant Yorkshire pudding, actually any kind of stew or casserole served in a Yorkshire is delicious.
I did buy the Yorkshires ready made, I don’t have the right tin to make them and besides I had run out of eggs.

Steak and Kidney

s and k prep

I cooked the onions off in a little oil and duck fat first.

fry onion

Then I added the carrots and browned the meat before putting in the cut up kidney.

add kidney

I made a roux with the flour and cooked it out for a few minutes.

brown roux

Then slowly stirred in the beef stock to make a sauce, to which I added chopped parsley and thyme, a star anise and some red wine.

add wine

I left it to simmer on the stove for 20 minutes


while the pebble buns were cooking and once the oven was free I turned it right down to 120° and put the casserole in for 3 hours.
I took the lid off and let the gravy reduce to thicken for about 20 minutes.

stew for 4 hours

I served it in giant Yorkshires with some broccoli and green beans.

it was gorgeous, the meat just fell apart and the kidney flavour wasn’t too strong.

steak and kidney in yorkie

sandk yorkie