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Would I make them again, possibly, will I make biscuits instead, more than likely.

I still can’t get my head round it, I really do not understand the fascination for baking, probably because I’m rubbish at it or maybe I’m rubbish at it because I’m not very enthusiastic. I hate getting flour and butter on my hands too.

Unlike cooking, which I find simple and intuitive, making cakes and biscuits is a science and involves the correct quantities and times, you have to follow the recipe pretty much to letter or your rock buns become pebble cakes like these.

buns 2

My mum makes fantastic rock buns, she gave me the recipe and I thought I’d see if I could muster up the enthusiasm to bake, it took 3 weeks, but I finally found some amid Christmas present wrapping and untangling of fairy lights..

For a start I didn’t have S.R flour, so I used plain flour and added a spoonful of baking powder in the hope that would be the right thing to do.

There are no photos of the process because I was also trying the make Steak and Kidney at the same time and everything was a bit cluttered and as I had already dusted my iphone in flour,  I thought it wise to put it away during the messy part.

It’s a simple recipe.

My Mums rock bun recipe

Rub 8oz of S.R flour into 4oz butter, add 3oz sugar and 4 oz of dried fruit, I used cranberry,raisins and sultanas. Mix in an egg and a drop of milk.

I ended up with a slightly moist dough, whether that’s what it was meant to turn out like, I have no idea, I just put 12 dollops on a baking sheet and put them in the oven for 20 minutes.

They should come out rough and rock like, hence the name, rock buns, but mine were clearly not rocky, mine were more like large pebbles, perhaps the mixture was too wet, maybe someone can enlighten me..


They were nice, in fact they were really nice, very light and crisp around the edges, I was surprised, not sure where most of the fruit went though, it’s like it disappeared during cooking, or maybe I just needed to add more.

rock bun1

Anyway, they are not meant to look like this, so technically these are not rock buns.

Would I make them again, possibly, will I make biscuits instead, more than likely, I love a challenge.