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I was quite pleased that the cheese oozed out..

I finally managed to thwart Tesco’s plan not to allow customers to buy two equal sized chicken breasts by buying 3, ha ha!!
one was considerably smaller that the other two, but I’m easily pleased, so I was able make chicken breast stuffed with cheese and ham..
Usually I buy it from Marks’s ready made for convenience, and it has to be made from a whole breast, none of this mechanically reclaimed stuff you more often than not get with formed chicken products.

Chicken cordon bleu.

chix cb prep

I cut a slit in the side of the breast to make a pocket.


Then wrapped a piece of emmental in a slice of ham.

cheese and ham

Then stuck that into the chicken and tucked it all up.

(There are no photos of the next steps because I was getting fed up washing my hands every time I wanted to pick up the camera.)

Then I flour, egg and breadcrumbed the chicken, twice.


and stuck it into a hot oven for about 20 minutes.

In the meantime I made some cold oil fry fries and sauted some chestnut mushroom off in some butter and thyme.

cold fry fries

It turned out really well, I thought it might leak.

chix done

I was quite pleased that the cheese oozed out as was the plan..

melting cheese