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While I was cutting up the veg to go with my chicken and bacon suet roll, I thought I’d save the left over bits and make soup for lunch the following day, I had a can of taco beans in the cupboard and some chorizo left over from something else I’d made and decided on:

Spicy bean and Chorizo soup.

I rummaged about in the fridge and found a carrot and a few cherry tomatoes, so cut that up with the other bits of veg I had.


Sweated the lot of in some butter and added a few chilli flakes

sweat off veggies

The I put in the tomatoes and a can of beans


and mixed the lot up and simmered it for half an hour.

add beans

I left it in the pan over night because I didn’t have anywhere else to put it and the next day chucked in the left over chorizo.

I had been shopping that morning so I bought a couple of fancy bread sticks, grated the last smidgen of port salut over the top and it was bloody lovely..


Not bad for left overs..

with port salut