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I used some flour to stop the them becoming a sticky mess

I usually make smoked mackerel fishcakes and serve them with a feta cheese salad, but I saw a recipe on Homemadewithamess’s blog and thought I’d use that method this time round. I decided on smoked haddock and port salut.

The age old question with fishcakes is; What on earth do you have with them?
You can’t really have potato as they have potato in them, so I decided on a simple stir fried veggies, which quite surprisingly went really well.

Smoked Haddock and port Salut fishcakes

fish prep

I poached the haddock it a little milk for a few minutes, just so it flaked, after all it was going to be cooked again.

Then I mixed it up with some seasoning, mashed potato and chopped herbs.

mix fish and mash

Made it into fishcake shapes and put a little port salut in the middle then molded it back into shape, I used some flour to stop the them becoming a sticky mess.

cheese in center

Then I flour, egg and breadcrumbed them ( I didn’t bother with photos, too messy) and put them into the oven for 10 minutes, while I go on with my veggies..

veg cake prep

Which pretty much involved chopping everything up and stir frying it.

stirfried veggies

The fishcakes were lovely and went really well with the stir fry..

fishon veggies

and the cheese hadn’t melted so much it disappeared into no where.

fishcake close