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Then I drizzled a little rum on each..

I’m getting too familiar with this pudding malarkey..
I’ve made quite a few since I started this blog, who knows, maybe I’ll get the inclination to bake Christmas biscuits.

Usually when I go into town shopping I pick up a Marks’s bread and butter pudding, I’ve been promising myself for ages now I’d make one and finally got round to it, I had a couple of slices of fruit bread that needed using up, so that was an incentive.

I decided to half the quantities and only make two individual ones, my philosophy is that if I make enough pudding for 6, I’ll eat 6 puddings and that will be 5 more than the amount of pudding I would normally eat, so one pudding a week is more than plenty.

Rum Bread and Butter pudding.


I buttered my ramekins and buttered the fruit bread and cut it into triangles.

Then I layered the bread into the ramekins with ground cinnamon and sultanas.

layer bread

Then I drizzled a little rum on each..


and made the egg custard.

I beat one egg with an oz of sugar and a tot of rum and then poured it into 6 fl oz of milk and 1 fl oz of cream which was scalding hot and whisked it together.

add egg mix to scalded milk

I strained the custard through a sieve onto the bread.

pour over custard

Sprinkled the top with ground nutmeg and sugar then left them in the fridge until it was time to make dinner.

(and if I remember rightly from collage many years ago, Bread and butter pudding is better using day old, if not stale bread and leaving it to soak before baking)


it was really nice, warming and tasty, might have to make those again.

band b pud