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This dish is brilliant for using up chicken or Turkey if you have any left overs, it was created by a chef I used to work with, he named it after himself, hence the name Billington.
We had had a lot of turkey left overs, as is the case in most hotel kitchens at Christmas and we were taking turns in making up réchauffé dishes to use it up and this was his, it’s basically an adaption of chicken à la King, only with far more yummy things in.

I didn’t have left over chicken because my food plan went out of the window and I didn’t roast my chicken early in the week as planned.

Chicken Billingham.

billingham prep

I didn’t want the texture of the chicken ‘cut’,  so I briefly poached the breast in water so I could tear it up.

chix pieces

I cooked the veggies off, onions first as usual..
cook peppers

I added cornflour to make a roux

make roux

and then a little of the poaching water to start the sauce off.

add stock.

I added a good splash of vermouth, although sherry or Marsala would have been equally good, must add that to my shopping list.

I kept stirring to ensure the sauce was smooth then I poured in a small pot of cream and gently stirred it in along with the chicken.

add cream

I checked the seasoning then  put a lid on it and let it simmer for 10 minutes.

Turkey à la King is classically served with rice but I didn’t fancy that, so I had it with garlic and parmesan roast potatoes.

Which is just potatoes roasted with garlic.

roast garlic

and sprinkled with grated parmesan prior to serving.

garlic parm roast

it was really lovely and creamy, it can be made using milk instead of cream, or if you are watching your waist line, just stock..

chix billingham

chix b