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and a funky looking king oyster mushroom

I had a whole chicken in the fridge which I needed to use, I was going to roast it but the week pretty much went tits up and I never got round to it, so I removed the wings and thighs a froze them for another time, I used one of the breast for  chicken Billingham  and put the other in the fridge for something or other another time.

I decided that I’d make some roast chicken stock for soup, so I put the chopped up carcass into a pan, along with some carrot, onion, leek, black pepper and a few dollops of duck fat. (you will never find celery in any of my food, it is revolting, but if you like it then certainly add it)

Chicken Stock

stock prep

I roasted it for half an hour, then added the water I’d lightly poached the other chicken breast in for Chicken Billingham, stuck in some herbs, mustard and fennel seeds covered it in tin foil because I didn’t want it to dry out while I was eating dinner

add water 1st

and left it in the oven for another half an hour..

finished stock

after it had cooled down I strained the stock and  removed the fat from the top.

Chicken noodle soup.

noodle soup prep

I finely sliced up some peppers and a funky looking king oyster mushroom, put them in a pan with a few chilli flakes, some chopped herbs and the chicken I’d stripped from the carcass.
ingrediants in pan
Then I added the stock and a little wateradd stock

brought it to a simmer, checked the seasoning and added some broken up noodles.

add noodles

I generally leave my soup over night, not for any other reason that I usually make it in the evening for lunch the next day.

chicken noodleit was delicious, we had it with par baked rolls and lots of butter..

chix noodle