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So I ummed and arhhed and decided on a curry.

I cooked an almost full English the other Sunday morning, no black pudding though..

I’m quite good at them actually, I worked in a hotel for 6 years and did anything up to a hundred every Sunday morning so I’m a bit of a dab hand.
I don’t like baked beans on mine though, the thought of bean sauce near my egg would ruin it..
So beans are saved for beans on toast where they belong.


After I’d cleared up I knew I would need to do something with a lamb shank I’d planned on having for dinner and it would need to be sooner than later but as I couldn’t think of anything and I didn’t want to faff about as much as I had with the braised lamb shanks ,I just stuck it in a pot of water with some chilli flakes and reminded myself to remember to turn the oven on low at about 3pm.

Fast forward to dinner time..

The lamb had been in the oven on low for about 3 hours and I needed to do something with it.

So I ummed and arhhed and decided on a curry.

Lamb Curry

I took the lamb out of the pot and forked it off the bone.

Then I cooked some onions, potatoes, chilli and curry spices in ghee, added some diced tomatoes and stock from the lamb and gently cooked it until the potatoes began to soften.

cook pots

Then I added the lamb and more stock and kept simmering it.

add lamb

Then I added a squidge of tomato puree and a glug of cream and cooked it a bit more.

cook to thicken

It was simple to make and we had it with plain boiled basmatii rice and paratha.

lamb curry