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no harm in using a tin of soup

When I told mr 5 I was braising oxtail, he asked if I could use a tin of Heinz oxtail soup in the sauce, it’s his all time favourite and as he rarely asks for anything specific, happily eating whatever I put in front of him, so I couldn’t see why not, no harm in using a tin of soup as the base of a sauce if you ask me..

So this is:

oxtail soup oxtail.

The soup doesn’t get a photo opportunity because he asked after I’d taken it..

oxtail prep

I fried the onion and carrot off in some goose fat, then browned the oxtail.

fry oxtail

drained off the excess fat, covered it in water and wine and stuck it in the oven for 3 hours.

When it was done, I took it out

cooked oxtail

put the tin of oxtail soup in the pan, added some strained oxtail stock, thickened it with some cornflour and a little beef gravy granules, darkened it with some gravy browning and put the oxtail back in for half an hour.

oxtail sauce

In the mean time I boiled some potatoes so they were almost falling apart and braised some savoy cabbage

cabbage and pots

Then I put the oxtail on top.

oxtail 3

It was fantastic, the meat fell from the bone..

oxtail 2

My husband said it was the best oxtail anything he’d ever tasted and really enjoyed it.

oxtail 1